Announcing “The Foussais House”

Do you want to buy a house in France? Well, look no further!

Today we started on our house sale journey by launching which has all the details about our lovely house, with lots of photos and helpful information.

It would be great if you would check it out and share it with your friends, especially any who might be looking to pick up a lovely new house in France🙂


We’re moving on. Why not move in?

This is a post that I never thought I’d write.

When we moved to Foussais, we were sure that this was our home for life. Life, however, has a funny way of turning things on their heads now and then.  When the company I worked for, TweetDeck, was bought by Twitter recently, my role changed, and I quickly realised that continuing to work remotely from France was no longer a viable proposition. Twitter must be one of the most exciting companies in the world to work for, with huge opportunities for someone like  me. However, in order to make the most of these opportunities, I need to be in the UK working in the new Twitter UK office.

So, with a heavy heart, but with the whole family looking forward to an exciting new phase of our life, we are putting our house up for sale and moving back to England.

Our main intentions when we moved to France were to enable the kids to become fully bilingual, to integrate into French life, to make French friends and to fully embrace the way of life here. We can very happily say that we have achieved all this, and more. We have experienced so many wonderful things, and haven’t ever regretted our move.

However, I would be foolish not to make the most of the opportunities presented to me, and the family are all in agreement. So, once we have sold our house in Foussais, we are heading to the south-east of England and starting an exciting new life, with big opportunities for all of us.

So, if you have enjoyed reading la Vie en Foussais and would like to live your own french dream in our lovely 5-bedroomed stone house, then please get in touch. We will have a website available very soon with all the details, photos etc, but for now, just leave a comment below and we will let you know any information you need.

We look forward to seeing you in Foussais soon and hope you are as keen to start living your dream as we were in 2007.

Our pool and patio – just waiting for you!

Cheap flights, Fascinating Aida style

Following on from the previous post, where some actual, honest-to-goodness cheap flights are on offer, I bring you Fascinating Aida singing “Cheap Flights”. Thanks to the comments from Leslie, who pointed me to the video on Alex’s blog Moving From France To Ferrets (I kid you not).

Just had to share this here🙂

Ryanair latest sale – €5 flights to Nantes

Ryanair have another great sale on at the moment, including flights from Nantes for just €5 one-way, with no fees or taxes on some flights.

So, if you wanted to come to out to the area for a few days, you could buy a return flight from East Midlands to Nantes, flying out on 2nd April and returning on 7th April, for just €10 in total. If you use a pre-paid Mastercard [We have a FairFX card for this – you can get one free if you use this link] to save on the extra card-processing charges, then you have picked up a return flight to the beautiful Pays-de-la-Loire for the price of a couple of magazines.

The sale is valid for bookings made up to 17th March for travel between 4th April and 31st May. You can check out all the detail on

A Practically Perfect Pancake Plan

Today is Shrove Tuesday, time to dig out the lemon juice and sugar and get flipping!

We love pancakes, but it is such a pain for the chef (that’ll be Lisa) to have to stand in the kitchen cooking the pancakes and never getting to sit down and enjoy them.

Luckily for us, our raclette grill, which is a favourite in the winter for cooking meat and veg with the special raclette cheese, also makes pancakes. So, with the pancake mixture already prepared, we can all sit at the table and ladle out four pancakes at a time. A far more civilised, and sociable, solution!

Happy pancake day!